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College Admissions

We work with students to find the best colleges for them and help with all aspects of the admissions process.

• Counseling students and parents on the unique aspects and availability of disability services
• Understanding a student’s goals and interests
• Creating a college list with a strong emphasis on fit and availability of needed supports
• Reviewing student transcripts, IEP and 504 plans, psychoeducational testing, and conducting interviews with the student, family, therapist, and others
• Assessing readiness for college, including strengths and challenges that may require additional support
• Guidance and assistance throughout the application process and creating tasks and To Do lists
• Assisting with essays, resume, and activities list
• Advising on completing financial aid forms
• Determining your financial need and a college’s financial fit
• Providing interview tips and conducting mock interviews
• Preparing for in-person and virtual college visits
• Evaluating admissions and financial aid offers

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