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At EdRedefined, we understand students with disabilities and their families. We are you.

The numbers of students with disabilities are a significant part of the overall student population.

  • 14% of public school students receive special education services

  • More than 1 in 5 people have a mental health disorder

  • 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with autism (1 in 34 males)

  • 3 million teenagers have been diagnosed with ADHD


Sadly, many fewer students with disabilities attend college than the number of students who have the intellectual ability to attend. And once they are in college, support -- academic, emotional, social, and independent living -- is frequently insufficient for students to be successful. Federal data shows that fewer than 35% of students with disabilities graduate from 4-year colleges, with outcomes at 2-year institutions only slightly higher.


EdRedefined was created to make college and other postsecondary programs more inclusive, help students build their skills, and provide ongoing support so that students will thrive and be happy.

  • We believe individuals with disabilities are just that...individuals. Each person has unique strengths and talents.

  • We believe individuals can continually build their skills; some of these will be mastered over time, while others may require continual support.

  • The voice of a student with disabilities is most important. We utilize Person Centered Planning, a widely respected process of continually listening to and learning what is important to an individual with disabilities in partnership with the student’s family.

  • We believe students will be successful and retention and graduation rates will increase as students have greater access to high-quality and sufficient levels of support. 

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